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健康的威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 for 学生s, Staff and the wider community

We are delighted to welcome students and staff back to campus after a long 18 months studying and working remotely. It is the ambition of 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 to be a leading university in the promotion of Health and Wellbeing, supporting our 16,000 students and staff. 健康的威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 focuses on six themes to promote the wellbeing of the university community. There is lots of information on this page to help you to take small (and not so small) steps to improve your overall wellbeing.


健康的威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 has a number of groups who meet, comprising of staff and students, who are responsible for implementing the relative actions outlined in the 健康的威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Framework 

If you have any queries, or interested in the 健康的威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 initiative please email healthy威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页

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