Visiting 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library

威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页成员的个人可以申请入学 online to the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library under the following categories:

  • 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Alumni
  • Students and staff from other universities and colleges
  • 指定高等教育院校(包括理工学院)的学生及教职员, Secondary school services
  • Legal Professionals
  • Members of the public


Please note:

  • Applications for access must be made in advance using the online access application form.
  • Applications will receive an email within three working days.
  • 个人如欲参观特别收藏/档案,包括爱尔兰国家舞蹈档案,请电邮预约
  • 那些需要长期服务包括借阅权的人可以申请收费入会, which provides personal, alumni and corporate membership.
  • 未经预先申请的人士,将不能在非服务时间内入场.

The library reserves the right to decline applications on a number of grounds, for example, around exam times, space restrictions, seat shortages, etc. Access may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Library Director. Applicants must comply with the necessary terms and requirements, as stated by the library, to gain access and/or borrowing privileges.

 参观或开放时间可根据政府或大学最新的公众健康建议,在短时间内更改. Therefore, it is advised that you check in with the library in advance.

University of Limerick Staff

Members of staff are admitted to the library on production of their ID card, including retired members of staff. Staff who have an expired card or who have lost their card can go to HR, D1-042, Monday - Friday, from 12h00 - 13h00.

Visiting academic staff, 驻美国威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页相关组织的研究人员和工作人员可以短期工作 apply to the University of Limerick's HR Department for an ID card, subject to certain criteria and by completing the relevant form.

University of Limerick Students


  • Forgotten ID card - get a day pass, subject to a maximum of five passes per semester, from kiosk at the library entrance. 从自助服务站发出的通行证必须保留到当天结束.
  • 遗失/损坏卡-到学生教务处补办,E0-001.
  • Unknown card error - get a day pass from the kiosk for immediate access, subject to a maximum of five per semester, but make sure you resolve the problem with your ID card as soon as possible:
  • 刚发完卡的新生应该等2个小时再试一次, then proceed as follows
  • New undergraduates to Undergraduate Admissions, Main Building, Block E, Room E0-001, during office hours.
  • 新研究生在办公时间到研究生招生基金会大楼F2-019.
  • Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) students incl. Spring Board to ER1-030, during office hours

使用过旧卡的学生应向学生教务处(SAA)申请一张新卡。, Main Building, Block E, Room E0-001.

Disabled Users

对于可能有身体或精神障碍的人士,有一些选择可能会导致他们使用大门的困难. Such individuals should approach library security or can email 安排与图书馆职员会面,讨论继续入场的其他安排.

Mary Immaculate Students and Staff

Unfortunately, Mary Immaculate students with ID cards issued after Sept 2020 CANNOT 由于MIC学生记录系统的变化,访问威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页图书馆. This situation may be reviewed at a later date.

Mary Immaculate staff should contact the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library at to arrange access.

Students and Staff from other Universities and Colleges

ALCID Scheme
这是爱尔兰高等教育图书馆之间的一项合作准入计划. It gives access, but not borrowing rights, 对于全日制学术人员和来自ALCID机构的研究生阅读教学或研究硕士和博士学位. 本科生和研究生学位的学生是不可以申请的. 全日制(只有)研究生文凭学生才有资格参加SCON威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页计划. Applicants must apply in advance to access the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library, ,并从他们的家庭图书馆带一张ALCID卡和他们的家庭机构身份证.  This scheme resumes on March 7th 2022.

SCON威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Access
这是一项覆盖英国和爱尔兰大部分大学图书馆的合作计划, and allows access and borrowing for staff and postgraduates. Applicants must apply in advance, via the SCON威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 website and may be approved by their home library. 他们必须带着家里图书馆的电子邮件批准信和家里机构的身份证到参观图书馆. This scheme resumes mid-March 2022.

Atlantic University Alliance (AUA)
这是一个合作计划,允许在威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页上AUA课程的学生访问和借用, UCC and NUIG. Applicants must apply in advance to access the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library, ,并带备参加本校课程的证明文件及所属院校的身份证.

这是一个合作计划,促进了在爱尔兰岛上广泛的图书馆和档案馆获取音乐信息和材料. Applicants must apply in advance to access the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library.

Members of the Public

Members of the public may apply for a day pass, to a maximum of three day passes per year, 如果他们能证明一项有效的研究,就需要查阅图书馆的馆藏. Applicants must apply in advance. 那些需要长期访问包括借阅权的人可以申请收费的个人会员.

Visitors to the Library Building

  • 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 staff should notify security by emailing 或提前致电3067,如果非ul人员需要进入大楼,请通知他们, attendees at board room meetings, trainers and attendees in the small and large training rooms, contractors, repairmen, etc. 如果需要全天访问,请要求保安签发一天通行证供访客领取. Requests for tours for external visitors, 如认证委员会或贵宾,应通过电子邮件向图书馆馆长申请
  • Visitors wishing to view the Library's collections should apply in advance to arrange access.
  • 在非服务开放时间(21:00 - 23:00 M-F, Sat: 16:30-19:00 or Sundays) if Security has not been notified by 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 staff.

Disability aids, and any other visitor who may require on-going access to the library building, should email and a library staff member will make contact to discuss the access options.

Membership for External Users including Fee-based Membership

威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library provides access to graduates, members of the public, industry and business through its fee-based service. 会员包括借书证,借书证赋予使用者借阅和借阅的权利. Corporate subscription includes research services, document supply and additional cards at a reduced rate.

Applications for access must be made in advance by using the online access application form or please return a completed membership application form to the Library Information Desk or email a scanned signed version to

Category subscription   Subscription rate  
Alumni Rate VAT@23% Total
Access & borrowing (12 months) €75.00 €17.25 €92.25
Access & borrowing (6 months) €50.00 €11.50 €61.50
Corporate membership      
Annual only €400.00 €92.00 €492.00
Additional corporate card (named individual) €50.00 €11.50 €61.50
Legal Professionals      
Access & borrowing (12 months) €75.00 €17.25 €92.25
Personal membership      
Access & borrowing (12 months) €150.00 €34.50 €184.50
Access & borrowing (6 months) €80.00 €18.40 €98.40

Alumni Membership

Two types of Alumni membership cards

  • Access only (free) - 威尼斯网上官方将延长所有校友卡在Covid期间到期的访问额外3年. Please bring your old card with you, if possible. A fee will apply after 3 years.
  • Access and borrowing (fee-based).

Free Alumni membership includes...

  • Access to study space
  • In-library use of print collections.
  • It does NOT include access to PC's, electronic access to resources or borrowing rights

Fee-based Alumni membership includes...

  • Access to study space.
  • Borrowing rights for library printed collections.
  • Access to research services.
  • Access to electronic collections onsite.

威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 alumni may apply online for a membership card. Free cards are issued for a three year period, the fee-based membership cards are issued for 6 or 12 months, after which members must reapply. Applicants must bring their old 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 ID card or proof of graduation plus photo ID.


Corporate Membership

Corporate membership includes...

  • Membership card to gain access to the library.
  • Access to the University library's books and print holdings.
  • Year round access to study spaces; evenings and weekends to suit working professionals (day time access is permitted but can be very busy).
  • Access (on campus only) 大学的电子图书和研究数据库、期刊和其他出版物.
  • 通过文件供应服务访问其他研究图书馆的收藏.
  • 获得研究专业服务,以协助技术搜索和学术工作的准备.
  • Additional membership cards at a reduced rate - up to 5 per corporate account.


Legal Professionals


Applications for access must be made in advance by using the online access application form

The following benefits are available to members:

  • Consultation of printed materials.
  • Borrowing rights.
  • 远程访问图书馆目录,以确定图书馆库存的可用性.
  • 通过文件供应服务访问其他研究图书馆的收藏, on a fee per item basis.
  • Access to the Legal Practitioner Lab for quiet study
  • 会费的一部分将用于购买会员推荐的书籍.
  • Photocopying and scanning facilities, subject to copyright legislation.
  • Public Wi-Fi.
  • Online loan renewal facility.
  • Legal Practitioner Lab GL2-016 - An area within the 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Library for quiet study. 到一楼问讯处借钥匙使用这个私人学习设施.

€ 75 per year plus VAT of € 17.25 total € 92.25.

Terms and Conditions:

Due to the terms of our Academic Licence Agreements with publishers, access to electronic resources cannot be made available to members. Each member is entitled to borrow four items excluding short-loan books. 某些类别的资料只可在图书馆内作查阅用途,例如.e. reference works and periodicals. To ensure that books circulate to as many people as possible, 逾期归还图书者将会被罚款,并可能会被暂停进入图书馆. If not reserved by another user, books may be renewed online.