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Welcome to the new digital edition of 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Links, the University of Limerick magazine. In its 12th year of publication, this magazine has become a major platform for highlighting the stories of all 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 faculties, departments, alumni, students, friends and beneficiaries to name a few – bringing to you all we do here at 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页. Since its inception in 2007, the magazine has profiled international academics, ground-breaking research, student innovations and initiatives while covering the visits of some of the world’s most influential leaders of politics, sports and entertainment to the University of Limerick campus, including the Dalai Lama and former President of the US Bill Clinton. 威尼斯正版官方网站官方首页 Links will continue to share the stories from our community for many issues to come. 

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