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Natural Baltic Amber Chakra Bracelet, Solar Plexus Chakra

$ 60.00

This natural Baltic Amber Chakra bracelet has such a luxe Bohemian or ethnic tribal vibe going. I used authentic raw Baltic Amber beads that have such beautiful texture and color. The matte beads are unpolished and are irregularly cut so they have a rugged and tribal look.

The colors range from lemon to golden honey to deep coffee brown. The center focal bead is Copal, a resin that is not quite as old as Amber, but still millions of years old. The Tibetan Nepalese bead has decorative brass caps that are a permanent part of the bead.

Baltic Amber is extremely light weight and very comfortable to wear. It looks completely natural in any season but seems made for summer and fall. This is healing crystals Chakra energy jewelry you'll want to wear every day!

Amber is associated with the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Throat Chakra. It is said to be a powerful Chakra cleanser and healer. Physically it brings vitality, and spiritually it absorbs pain and negative energy, allowing the body to re-balance and heal.

I guarantee my Baltic Amber to be authentic and I buy only from trusted Baltic dealers.

**Please select your wrist circumference from the drop-down menu.**
Measure your wrist twice for accuracy with a cloth tape measure held firmly--but not too tightly--just above the prominent wrist bone. Do not add extra space. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, use a firm strip of paper that you can mark and measure against a ruler. This will give you an accurate wrist measurement.**

✥ Raw authentic unpolished Baltic Amber gemstone beads, approx. 8 x 5mm
✥ Tibetan Copal resin and brass capped beads, approx. 10 x 14mm
✥ Raw brass bead
✥ Strong jeweler's elastic cord

Amber Care Instructions:
Amber is a delicate and gentle stone that must be treated carefully.
1. Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing amber.
2. Store your amber separately, preferably in a soft jewelry bag.
3. Never use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner for cleaning amber.
4. Clean amber with a mild solution of warm soapy water and a flannel or soft cloth. Never leave your amber to soak. It will ruin the amber.

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