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Snowflake Obsidian and Gray Quartz Pendant Necklace, Antiqued Pewter

$ 78.00

Snowflake Obsidian and Gray Quartz Pendant Necklace, Antiqued Pewter

This Snowflake Obsidian and gray Quartz pendant necklace is made with Snowflake Obsidian and gray Quartz gemstones. The necklace features a large Snowflake Obsidian cabochon and sits in a silver-plated pewter bezel. This necklace has a definite boho vibe and would look great with so many outfits!

Snowflake Obsidian is associated with the Root Chakra. It is a great stone for introverts and can calm and soothe you, particularly when you feel afraid. It can help to clear toxins that prevent the free flow of positive energies and is thought to bring the support that you need.

Smoky Cloud Quartz is an incredibly gentle Root Chakra stone. It allows you to peel away layer by layer of whatever emotional or spiritual blockages that are keeping you from realizing your path. This stone is commonly known as a grounding crystal but it has other properties including providing protection from negativity and acting as a barrier around the person carrying or wearing it. It helps bring calm to emotional situations and it also helps dissolve negative energies whether they stem from the user or from an outside source.

**This listing is for one necklace. The other items pictured are part of my Winter Moon Collection and also available in my shop.**

Complimentary Gift Wrapping For All Purchases

** This is a short necklace that measures approximately 16 inches long. **

✥ Snowflake Obsidian faceted gemstones, approx. 8mm
✥ Gray Quartz faceted gemstones, approx. 8mm
✥ Antique silver pewter (lead-free) bezel, approx. 24mm
✥ Snowflake Obsidian cabochon, approx. 18mm
✥ Silver-plated pewter toggle clasp

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