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Men's Tiger Eye Chakra Necklace, Good Luck

$ 40.00

Men's Tiger Eye Chakra Necklace, Good Luck

Tiger Eye is said to attract wealth, prosperity and good luck while providing courage, passion, and physical strength. It is also thought to enhance courage and bring calm to stressful environments. It is associated with the Root Chakra (1st Chakra) and Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra) (energy centers in the body).

Black Obsidian is associated with the Base or Root Chakra and is thought to be a very powerful and creative stone. It is said to be protective and provides support during change.

This handcrafted beaded Chakra necklace is made with golden brown Tiger Eye and black Obsidian semi-precious gemstones. It features a silver-plated pendant and bail as well as a sterling silver lobster clasp, although you may choose "no pendant" if you prefer. The tiny spacer beads are white brass. While listed as men's jewelry, it could easily be worn by a woman as well.

**All jewelry is handcrafted with love in my Nevada studio.


****Choose necklace length and pendant from the drop-down menu above. There are 3 choices for a pendant (see picture #4): Cross, Roman Coin (SOLD OUT), Peace Sign or No Pendant.****

✥ Golden Tiger Eye smooth gemstone beads
✥ Obsidian smooth gemstone beads
✥ Tiny white brass accent beads
✥ Silver-plated pewter pendant and bail
✥ Sterling silver clasp, crimps and crimp covers

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