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Natural White Chalcedony Triangle Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver

$ 45.00

Natural White Chalcedony Triangle Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver

These Natural white Chalcedony triangle drop earrings are made with gorgeous faceted, translucent Chalcedony cabochons and sterling silver ear wires. The stones are set inside a sterling silver frame. These stone drops are part of my Winter Moon Collection.

White Chalcedony:
* "stone of brotherhood" that attracts energies of loving-kindness and goodwill to all
* promotes calmness, relieves depression, improve one's state of mind, builds confidence
* known as the “mother stone,” because of its properties that promote protection and nurturing
* aligns the three human forces: the mind, the body, and the spirit
* stone of communication, stimulates the Throat Chakra which in turn allows the energy of other Chakras to be expressed actively

Complimentary Gift Wrapping For All Purchases

✥ The total length of these earrings is approximately 2 inches from the top of the modern elfin ear wires. The drop measures approx. 3/4 inch from the loop.

✥ Natural white Chalcedony faceted gemstone cabochons, approximately 23mm
✥ Solid sterling silver ear wires, cabochon frames, and wire

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