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Southwestern Style Chakra Earrings

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Southwestern Style Chakra Earrings

These Southwestern style Chakra earrings are made with stones associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras. The blue-green stone is Amazonite and  is a soothing stone said to balance the masculine and feminine energies. It soothes emotional trauma and alleviates worry and fear. It has been called the "Hope Stone" and is thought to be helpful in manifesting hopes and dreams.

The red stone is Coral,  a stone of organic origin since it comes from the remains of tiny colonies of sea creatures. Because it has a connection to nature, it can be used to reconnect with the wonders of nature. Red coral was considered by the Pueblo Indians to be one of the four element stones. Coral is said to quiet the emotions and to bring peace within the self. Red coral is associated with the Root or Base Chakra.

These natural Amazonite and red Coral Chakra earrings have a lovely Southwestern flair. Red coral has a very long history with Native Americans and is considered one of the four element stones to the Pueblo, Hopi and Zuni. It looks so beautiful paired with the aqua blue of Amazonite. I hand forged sterling silver French ear wires for these earrings.

NOTE: All of my jewelry is handmade, by me, in the United States.

Total length: approximately 1-5/8 inches (4 cm)

✥ 8mm AAA natural Amazonite gemstone beads
✥ 8mm AAA natural red Coral gemstone beads
✥ Hand-forged and hammered .925 sterling silver French ear wires
✥ Silver-plated beads

NOTE: Care should be taken with natural coral since it should not be exposed to chemicals or extreme heat. This could cause fading and loss of luster. It is associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras.

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