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Black Onyx and Smoky Cloud Quartz Stretch Bracelet

$ 60.00

Black Onyx and Smoky Cloud Quartz Stretch Bracelet

This black Onyx and Smoky Cloud Quartz bracelet is Root Chakra jewelry that is made with Smoky Cloud Quartz and a black Onyx cabochon in a dotted lead-free pewter setting. I've combined these two stones for the maximum benefit of Root Chakra energy. If you happen to be a business person who doesn't always feel self-confident, this could be a perfect choice to wear to work. This design is very comfortable to wear and has a chic boho vibe. Just remember to remove it before bathing or sleeping to ensure a long life for your stretch bracelet.

✥ All jewelry is handcrafted with love in my Nevada studio.

Onyx promotes vigor and stamina. It's said to impart self-confidence and helps one feel at ease as well as assist with wise decision making. (Think about the black onyx traditionally used in business jewelry!) It is also wonderful for banishing grief and enhancing self-control. Black onyx is associated with the Root Chakra.

Smoky Cloud Quartz is an incredibly gentle Root Chakra stone. It allows you to peel away layer by layer of whatever emotional or spiritual blockages that are keeping you from realizing your path. This stone is commonly known as a grounding crystal but it has other properties including providing protection from negativity and acting as a barrier around the person carrying or wearing it. It helps bring calm to emotional situations and it also helps dissolve negative energies whether they stem from the user or from an outside source.

*** Select your wrist size from the drop-down menu above. Refer to the last picture shown above to see how to measure your wrist for an accurate fit. If you are between sizes, order up a size for a looser fit or down a size for a snug fit. ***

Wrist Measurement Guide
Extra Small 5.0 - 5.5
Small 5.5 - 6.0
Medium 6.0 - 6.5
Large 6.5 - 7.0
Extra Large 7.0 - 7.5

** This listing is for one smoky cloud quartz bracelet only. The other pieces shown are also available in my Winter Moon Collection in this shop.

✥ Smoky Cloud Quartz gemstones, 10mm
✥ Black Onyx cabochon, approx. 18mm
✥ Silver-plated pewter (lead-free)
✥ Jeweler's stretch cord

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