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Bohemian Amethyst Healing Chakra Bracelet Set, Sterling Silver

$ 85.00

This is a set of three Amethyst Chakra bracelets with a beautifully Bohemian vibe. 

Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Its inherent high frequency is thought to purify the aura of any negative energy or attachments, and create a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction. Folklore says that Amethyst can still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state.

**This listing is for all 3 bracelets - a set**

***These bracelets will fit a size 6 to 6-1/2 inch wrist.***

Wrist Measurement Guide for Women
Extra Small      5.0 - 5.5
Small               5.5 - 6.0
Medium           6.0 - 6.5
Large               6.5 - 7.0
Extra Large     7.0 - 7.5

(Measure your wrist twice for accuracy with a cloth tape measure held firmly--but not too tightly--just above the prominent wrist bone. Do not add extra space. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, use a firm strip of paper that you can mark and measure against a ruler. This will give you an accurate wrist measurement.**


✥ 10mm smooth Chevron Amethyst (also called Dog Tooth) gemstones
✥ 8mm faceted Cape Amethyst gemstones
✥ 8mm Amethyst gemstones
✥ Sterling Silver accent beads
✥ Strong elastic jewelry cord

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Every item purchased is beautifully gift wrapped and ready for giving.

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