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Ruby in Zoisite Chakra Bracelet, Heart and Crown Chakras

$ 85.00

Ruby in Zoisite Chakra Bracelet, Heart and Crown Chakras

This Ruby in Zoisite Chakra bracelet is made with quality pink and green Ruby-in-Zoisite, a Heart and Crown Chakras stone. To this day, the only place in the world where Ruby-in-Zoisite can be found is in northeast Tanzania. It is a combination of a small amount of Ruby and the crystal Zoisite that occur together naturally. These beautiful healing crystals gemstones are faceted and polished to present incredible color and sparkle. The focal bead is a gorgeous drum or wheel-shaped sterling silver bead as are the small spacer beads. This Chakra gemstone stretch bracelet vibrates with amazing healing energy.

Ruby-in-Zoisite is said to balance the fire and earth elements and energies. It is sometimes used to help deal with issues related to patience and mood swings. It is associated with the crown and heart Chakras (energy centers in the body).

** All of my jewelry is handmade by me in the USA.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping For All Purchases

*** Select your wrist measurement from the drop down menu. To get an accurate measurement, use a cloth tape measure or strip of paper and measure at least two times to be sure. Tape or paper should be held firmly but not too tightly. Do not add any extra room. I will make that adjustment so that the bracelet will fit comfortably. If you are between sizes, choose a smaller size for a more snug fit, or a bigger size for a looser fit.***

✥ Ruby in Zoisite faceted gemstones, 10mm
✥ Sterling Silver focal and spacer beads
✥ strong elastic cord

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