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Men's Magnesite Buddha Bracelet, Chakra Bracelet, Yoga Bracelet

$ 30.00

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 Magnesite is a very unassuming looking stone, it is a powerful stone which can activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. One of its powerful attributes is that it stimulates the mind to communicate with the heart. This may bring through amazing joy, and it is said to stimulate passion and heart-felt love. It assists with being true to yourself, and if you are stressed, it helps to relieve anxiety.

This healing crystals chakra bracelet is made with 8mm Magnesite semi-precious gemstones and an antiqued brass Buddha bead. This style is also associated with Yoga and other forms of healing energy and metaphysical jewelry. It is made with strong stretch cord, but care should be taken to always roll the bracelet on or off. To ensure the longest wear, it should not be worn while bathing or sleeping.

** Select your size from the drop-down menu above. Please refer to the instructions in the last picture to learn how to measure your wrist. Choose a size closest to your actual wrist circumference. If your size falls between available sizes, order one size smaller if you want a tighter fit, or one size bigger if you want a looser fit.**

Women's - Small: 6", Medium: 6 1/2", Large: 7", X-tra Large: 7 1/2"
Men's - Small: 6 1/2", Medium: 7", Large: 7 1/2", X-tra Large: 8"

✥ 8mm Magnesite gemstone beads
✥ Antiqued brass Buddha bead
✥ Strong stretch cord

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