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Blue & White Coral Bracelet, Throat Chakra

$ 60.00

This beautifully unique Throat Chakra (5th Chakra) bracelet is made with two types of vintage Coral beads ~ Blue Sponge Coral and natural White Coral. Both types of Coral beads are vintage and circa the 1970s. The white Coral is pure white, a color rarely found anymore. They were hand cut and are slightly rough and porous. The blue type of Coral has been over-mined so is very rarely in the market today, but these beads are old stock that have been around for 40 years or more. I combined both the white and denim blue beads in this Chakra energy bracelet and added Swarovski crystal rondelle accent beads.

White Coral is associated with the Throat Chakra (energy centers in the body) and is thought to quiet the emotions and bring peace. It is also thought to bless one with courage, leadership, ambition and physical strength.

Blue Coral activates and energizes the Throat Chakra. It also is used to illuminate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic awareness. Blue Coral calms, stabilizes, and reduces fear and insecurity.

**Please select bracelet size from the drop down menu.**
When selecting a size, please note that it is based on actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet. Here is a general guide to sizing:
Women's - Small: 6", Medium: 6 1/2", Large: 7", X-tra Large: 7 1/2"

An easy way to measure is to put a firm strip of paper around your wrist and then measure it against a ruler. Order that size if you want it to sit firmly on your wrist. If you want a looser fit, order the next size up. ***

✥ Natural hand-cut White Coral from the 1970s, approximately 12mm
✥ Natural (not dyed) Blue Sponge Coral from the 1970s, approximately 12mm
✥ Silver-plated Swarovski rhinestone accent rondelle beads
✥ Strong elastic cord

Every item purchased is beautifully gift wrapped and ready for giving.


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